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Easily meet flow, design life and structural requirements with site-specific steel culvert liners by InfraSteel

A common culvert rehabilitation challenge is finding a solution that meets strict flow capacity requirements, design-life requirements, and at the same time increases the structural integrity of the failing culvert where detours are impractical. Infrasteel easily meets and often exceeds these requirements.

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Why Infrasteel?

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InfraSteel liners are designed

We work meticulously with project engineers until all requirements are met.



Measurements are taken of the host pipe that enable us to match the radii of the existing structure.



Liner drawing is produced by Infrasteel based on measurements and project requirements.



Drawing goes through revisions based on review from structural, hydraulic and manufacturing engineers.



We then provide a cost estimate and template of the liner that is used to verify dimensions. Once approved the order is entered for production.

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Site-specific design maximizes hydraulic capacity

Inlet and outlet control features, fish baffles, matching existing shape and minimize annular space thus increasing hydraulic capacity. InfraSteel liners are made using smooth wall carbon steel with a Manning’s Coefficient of .012.

Calculated design life to meet project requirements

Design life is built into the thickness of the steel. If a project owner wants a 70 year design life we add 70 years of sacrificial steel to the wall thickness of the liner. Destructive testing by Caltrans determined that ID coatings for stormwater applications are quickly removed by abrasion.

Superior structural integrity without the compromise

When structural integrity is a major concern, options are limited. Infrasteel can be installed without disrupting traffic or rail operations. After joint welding, the end product will be one solid steel tube without possibility of joint failure.

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This presentation will address the common factors that lead to culvert deterioration, the significance of utilizing trenchless rehabilitation methods, and a case study review of the InfraSteel slip-liner system.

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