• INFRASTEEL® Cost-effective
    culvert rehabilitation solution.
  • INFRASTEEL® Custom designed to specific
    shape And size

Precision Pipe & Products, Inc. Introduces INFRASTEEL®

INFRASTEEL® is a permanent culvert rehabilitation system, designed to give cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to culvert preservation and rehabilitation.

Cost-Effective Culvert Rehab

INFRASTEEL® is a cost-effective way to avoid road damage caused by corrugated metal and concrete culvert failure. It is cheaper to "slip line" a failing culvert than to cut the road and replace it. INFRASTEEL® is competitively priced compared to other slip lining products and culvert repair products.

Environmentally Friendly

INFRASTEEL® is environmentally friendly. Its steel composition and installation methodologies are benign to the environment. Steel and concrete have been used for many years for road and bridge construction without contamination issues.

50 to 100 Year Life Expectancy

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) performed destructive testing on all culvert products currently in use on the California road system. Caltrans found that smooth wall carbon steel outperformed all other products in abrasion resistance. The annular space between the INFRASTEEL® liner and the failing culvert structure is pumped with grout, providing another layer of protection. We are confident in our 50 to 100 year life expectancy.

Project Gallery

White Plains NY Slip Lining

Culvert Rehabilitation Installation

arch steel culvert slip-liner

Steel Arch Slip Liner

box steel culvert slip liner

Box Culvert Liner

round culvert slip liner

Round Culvert Liner

elliptical culvert slip liner

Elliptical Culvert Liner

road cut free slip liner process

Slip Lining Process

modular steel culvert construction

Joint Alignment

steel bridge slip liners

Top Arch Design

slip liners improve culvert structural intergrity

Provides Structural Integrity

stormwater management

Maximized Area of Flow

historic bridge presevation

Abutment Bridge Preservation

steel slip liner modular construction

Modular Steel Construction

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