Replacing a culvert means road construction, and road construction means a major disruption for the traveling public, homeowners and business owners, and a delay or detour for emergency vehicles. InfraSteel® can prevent this expense and inconvenience through culvert rehabilitation. This allows the existing road, highway or railway to be preserved rather than cut and replaced. InfraSteel is much more cost-effective than the expensive, time-consuming and disruptive choice of road construction and culvert replacement.

Throughout the United States, there are millions of culverts that have exceeded their design life. Some of these antique structures were actually built by stone masons and craftsmen over 100 years ago, while others were installed using thin Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) and concrete products that that have rusted or crumbled over time. It’s common to see news reports about failing bridges and roads which have collapsed into “sink holes” or are blocked by flooding. Depending on their size, large culverts and groups of culverts are often out-of-sight and out-of-mind until a road collapses or a sinkhole appears. When a culvert fails and the road collapses, not only are motorists at risk, the adjacent land owners are also affected with flooding that is often considerable. When a stream with heavy flow rates is damned up due to culvert failure, the water has to go somewhere. Loss of property and lawsuits are avoided when failing culverts are identified and repaired.